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Open access learning

Open Access Learning is an initiative of the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan to support children of all abilities and socio-economic backgrounds to enjoy access to education programs delivered in the Garden.

Through the scheme, groups can apply to have the cost of a school excursion subsidised so they participate at a rate of 50% off.


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Criteria - Key Information


A subsidy of excursion cost is offered only to schools or classes registered as having special learning needs, remote or rural schools or special needs childrens’ organisations on the ACNC register, or other school groups with proof of disadvantage as described in the terms below.


Applications are now open for 2021.


If your school or organisation’s application is successful, we will subsidise up to 50% of the lesson cost.

Sessions offered

School excursions at Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan only.

Student Numbers

Please note that a minimum and maximum number of eligible students applies – see below for details.

Excursion Subsidy Eligibility

Automatic qualification of subsidised excursion will be applied if:

  • Your school is listed on the DET list of Special Schools (Schools for Specific Purpose), or

  • You are on the DET list of Support Classes in Regular and Special Schools.

Application for subsidised excursion will be considered when:

  • The majority of students in a class have special learning needs.

  • Your school has an FOEI of +100 for Resource Allocation Model funding.

  • Your organisation is listed with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

Terms and conditions

  1. Schools or organisations that meet the eligibility requirements must complete and submit an application form for the Open Access subsidy program.

  2. Schools agree to disclose to parents, and organisations agree to disclose to paying clients that the excursion is being offered by the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust at a subsidised rate by including the statement and logo in the drop down at the bottom of the page. 

  3. Organisations attending the program agree to complete an online evaluation following the program.

  4. Organisations receiving the subsidy are subject to the general terms and conditions outlined in the booking confirmation letter.
  5. The minimum number of students is twenty (20) per session. Please consider a joint application with a local school/organisation if you do not meet these requirements. Allowances for groups with additional needs may be considered.

  6. A maximum of three (3) groups (each of 25 students or less) may be complimentary per school/organisation.

  7. Cancellations must be made in writing, eight (8) days or more prior to the booked date.

  8. The excursion is offered subject to funding and program availability. All applications will be considered based on the criteria stated and offers of subsidy are made at the discretion of the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan. 


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