Connection and Country - Stage 1

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Your students will investigate a wide variety of local native plants which provided the raw materials needed for survival by the first Australians. In this lesson, Aboriginal Education Officers will provide an Aboriginal perspective of how Indigenous people of the Sydney area used plants for food, medicine, tools and weapons, giving students a unique opportunity to meet and interact with members of our Indigenous communities.

Stage 1 Science, History & Human Society & Its Environment (HSIE)
2 hours
Australian Botanic Garden
$13 per student. Minimum charges apply

What happens?

  • Take a walk through the Fruit Loop garden and learn about the traditional and contemporary uses of bush foods.
  • Examine plants that were used by original inhabitants for food, medicine, tools and weapons.
  • Experience the kinds of objects made from these plants as well as other aspects of Aboriginal culture. 

Students will... 

  • Learn how music is an important means for communication for Aboriginal People, e.g., the didgeridoo
  • Explore communication methods used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to share ideas and information, e.g. dance, stories, music and art
  • Use terms relating to time to appreciate the length of Aboriginal settlement in Australia Engage with artefacts and identify a range of natural materials used by Aboriginal peoples.
  • Engage with artefacts and identify a range of natural materials used by Aboriginal peoples
  • Describe a variety of ways in which Aboriginal peoples have used or continue to use natural materials to make products that meet their needs; and
  • Identify a number of plants and plant parts used by Aboriginal people of Sydney and other parts of Australia.

Fantastic and so engaging … the children really enjoyed the whole lesson.

Teacher, All Saints Grammar
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