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Garden Safari (Stage 1)

Explore the amazing world of invertebrates. Investigate different habitats, observe minibeasts and discuss their similarities, differences, features and special adaptations.

This excursion supports the Living World strand of the Stage 1 NSW K-6 Science and Technology Syllabus and is compatible with the Primary Connection’s unit ‘Schoolyard Safari’. 

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Stage 1 Science


Bowden Centre


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Excursion key themes

  • Living things have a variety of external features.
  • Living things live in different places where their needs are met.

Students will: 

  • Go dip netting to discover the macroinvertebrate life living in our ponds, and identify their external features using classification charts.
  • Discover habitats of insects on an insect discovery walk.
  • Complete hands-on activities to create insects.
  • Have a close encounter with our resident insects.


  • Living World
    • ​Describes external features, changes in, and growth of living things. (ST1-10LW)
    • Descrbies ways that different places in the environment provide for the needs of living things. (ST1-11LW)
  • Working Scientifically
    • Investigates questions predictions by collecting and recording data, sharing and reflecting on their experiences and comparing what they and others know. (ST1-4WS)