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Seed Scientists (Stage 2)

Be a seed scientist for the day! Students will engage in seed collecting, plant classification and investigate unique seeds – just like our scientists. They will have a tour of the Australian PlantBank to see first-hand where our important seed research is conducted. Students will complete a hands-on discovery to find their own seeds, which they can take home. 

This excursion supports the Living World strand of the Stage 2 NSW K-6 Science and Technology Syllabus and is compatible with the Primary Connection’s unit ‘Plants in Action’.

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Stage 2 Science


The Australian PlantBank


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Excursion key themes:

  • Seeds offer insights into a plant’s life cycle
  • Plants and seeds have observable features

Students will:

  • Be a seed scientist for the day and engage in seed collecting and plant classification
  • Complete a seed dispersal experiment
  • Explore and investigate a large variety of unique seeds through hands-on activities
  • Have a tour of the Australian PlantBank


  • Natural Environment
    • Identifies the basic needs of living things. (STe-8NE)
  • Working Scientifically
    • Explores their immediate surroundings by questioning, observing with their senses and communicating to share their observations and ideas. (STe-4WS)