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Dr Matthew Laurence

Disease diagnostics and research support

Research Interests

Fusarium, Phylogenetics, Biogeography, Fungal Systematics, Evolution, Arboriculture.

Current Projects

  • Evolution of the pathogenicity gene Secreted In Xylem 2 (SIX2) in the plant pathogenic genus Fusarium.
  • Putative effector genes detected in Fusarium oxysporum from natural ecosystems of Australia.
  • Variation in type A trichothecene production and trichothecene biosynthetic genes in Fusarium goolgardi from natural ecosystems of Australia.
  • Novel Fusarium species from natural Ecosystems of Australia.
  • The efficacy of Phosphonate and Propiconazole in the control of Norfolk Island Pine decline caused by the fungus Neofusicoccum parvum.
  • The host range of Neofusicoccum parvum in the genus Araucaria.