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Family/Portrait Photography Application Form

If you are a photographer who is being paid to do some basic portraiture or family photography, or if you have engaged (paying) a photographer to take some nice photos for you and you want to use the Garden as a back drop, then you will need a permit.

An activity such as this is seen as a commercial activity by the Trust and failure to secure a permit will result in a fine (see Trust Regulations).

To apply for a permit, please complete the form below and staff will be in contact to take payment and issue you your permit.

Fees can be found on the current photography/filming rate card. Please note wedding photography is not covered by this permit.

Photographer Details


Photo Shoot Details


Please note portrait and family photography bookings are for a two (2) hour period. These bookings are also for low-impact, non-exclusive use of the selected location.

Please note that the booking time is to be less than 2 hours

Terms and Conditions