Outdoor Venue Booking Application Form

This form is to be used when you are booking an outdoor area that is NOT a picnic shelter.

Please note: your booking is not confirmed until payment is received and a confirmation has been sent to you by our staff.

Note: For corporate bookings, all licensing documentation, invoices, receipts and refund cheques will be addressed to the company as per the above details provided.
Only required for company bookings
If your are an event planner and you are booking on behalf of someone, please provide the clients name
Example: Business Christmas Party
Your end time is not when the event finishes, but when you will be completed out of the Garden. Security fees apply until all of your guests are clear of the Garden.

If you are booking the venue with a catering package from the Garden, please select your menu option above. Our caterer will then liaise with you regarding your specific catering choices.
Catering packages can now be booked through the Garden. If you are not booking one of our packages, please list your caterer above. Please note caterer must have a Gold Licence.
Are you hiring an organiser for your event? If so, please provide the name of the company. You will also need to provide public liability insurance from the company as well.
Please list any other suppliers you are engaging for your event. If none, type no or if you are yet to confirm, type TBC. Please note all suppliers will require Public Liability Insurance.
Please type yes in the text box above
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