Botanic Garden Grown Gin

Coinciding with the 30th Birthday of the Garden, premium Australian artisan spirit brand, Garden Grown Gin (formerly named Distillery Botanica Gin), has partnered with us to create a new limited-edition ‘Botanic Garden Grown Gin’ using rare Australian botanicals from Australia’s largest botanic garden.

Native botanicals such as Ginger Rhizome, Mount White Lime, Orange Berry, Wombat Berry, Macadamia and a touch of the famous Bunya Pine Nut from the Garden were chosen to create the rare collection of 1,000 handcrafted bottles of well-balanced gin which explores the essence of Australian biodiversity.

Proceeds from sales of the limited-edition gin will go towards the Garden’s horticulture and conservation initiatives, which preserve Australia’s precious biodiversity through seed collection, seed banking, and conservation research and training.

Price: $129 (RRP)


The Garden aptly serves as a cultural, scientific and educational institution which is also the proud home to rare Australian botanicals used to create a unique blend. This partnership is much more than just gin, it is a great  opportunity to promote and support the conservation work at the Garden which helps to protect the future of Australia’s native plants. 

John Siemon, Curator Manager of the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan

About Garden Grown Gin

Garden Grown Gin (previously named Distillery Botanica Gin) is an internationally awarded and recognised gin. The brand's unique philosophy dictates that all botanicals which give any Garden Grown Gin its distinctive character and flavour are grown in gardens and handpicked prior to distillation.  Long term collaborator and creator of the gin, Master Distiller Philip Moore of Distillery Botanica, produces the gin using the rare process of "enfleurage", a thousand-year-old French technique favoured by perfumers, which extracts untainted perfume from the botanicals.