Flora and Culture of New Caledonia

Join Dr Peter Weston to sample the spectacular flora and fascinating culture of an
extraordinary tropical near neighbour, New Caledonia. Although only 1000 km off the
Queensland coast, New Caledonia has been isolated from all other landmasses for at least
45 million years, and possibly as long as 80 million years. This long period of isolation and
the complex geology of the island have forged the evolution of a highly diverse flora and
fauna, characterised by high levels of endemism and amazing botanical novelty, including the
closest living relative of the rest of the flowering plants, Amborella trichopoda, and the only
entirely parasitic conifer, the ghost‑like Parasitaxus ustus. The combination of indigenous
Kanak and colonial French cultures makes New Caledonia a highly desirable destination for
all tourists. We hope you can join us.

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