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A Special Place - Early Stage 1

Students will explore the special features of the Australian Botanic Garden, including the nature play area, Fruit Loop and Connections Garden. They will embark on a discovery walk, complete an interactive mapping activity, and engage in learning new skills through nature play. Throughout the excursion, students will be immersed in nature and be encouraged to develop a sense of wonder.

This excursion supports the People Live in Places strand of the Early Stage 1 NSW K-10 Geography Syllabus.

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Early Stage 1 Geography


Bowden Centre


2 hours


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Excursion key themes:

  • The Australian Botanic Garden is a special place
  • We can all care for the Australian Botanic Garden

Students will: 

  • Enjoy our nature play space and learn about what makes it so special
  • Journey through the Connections Garden and experience it through sensory games
  • Discover the special plants in Fruit Loop and what they can be used for


    • Identifies places and develops and understanding of the importance of places to people. (GEe-1)
    • Communicates geographical information and uses geographical tools. (GEe-2)