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Location, Location, Location! - Stage 2

Students will explore different locations to investigate the natural vegetation and human features of the Garden. The class completes a scavenger hunt, ephemeral mapping activity, shelter building exercise, and uses geographical tools to discover environments.

This excursion supports The Earth’s Environment strand of the Stage 2 NSW K-10 Geography Syllabus.

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Stage 2 Geography


Bowden Centre


2 hours


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Excursion key themes:

  • Identify natural and human features
  • Geographical information helps us to decide on ideal locations 

Students will:

  • Go on a scavenger hunt to identify natural and human features of the Garden, and how the features are used
  • Make an ephemeral map of the natural and human features of the Garden
  • Use their geographical knowledge of directions to build a shelter using sticks and loose parts
  • Use geographical tools of inquiry, such as thermometers and anemometers, to measure characteristics different locations to plan the perfect picnic


  • Natural Environment
    • Identifies the basic needs of living things. (STe-8NE)
  • Working Scientifically
    • Explores their immediate surroundings by questioning, obersving with their senses and communicating to share their observations and ideas. (STe-4WS)