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Visit the PlantBank

For added value to your day out in The Garden, book a half hour guided tour of The PlantBank in conjunction with a school excursion, or visit on a self-guided tour!


1, 2 & 3




30 minutes


$100 per class guided / FREE for self-guided

The Australian PlantBank specialises in research into the conservation of Australian native plant species. The innovative design of the building allows you to discover what our scientists are working on by seeing right into the laboratories! We’re proud of the science that happens at PlantBank and we’d love to share it with you.

Click here to find out more about The Australian PlantBank.

Bookings essential for all school groups: guided and self-guided options are available.

There are two options to visit the PlantBank with your class:

Option 1 - Add a 30-minute guided tour to your existing school excursion 
Be guided through the stunning space by a Garden educator who will provide interpretation to you about the amazing building, its sustainable features, and the current scientific research that occurs on site. You will then be given time to explore the building at your own pace and enjoy the Diversity Wall – a fantastic interpretive wall which the students can interact with through a quiz. This add-on is approximately 30 minutes of time to walk to and explore the building. If you are also booking a school excursion with us, please allow longer for lunch between your booked excursion program and this add-on.

Cost: $100 per class

Bookings essential: Includes an introduction and interpretation by a Botanic Gardens Educator, quiz sheets for students and an answer sheet for the teacher (please bring your own pens/pencils).

Option 2 - Self-guided: Walk through the building with your students, pointing out fun facts as provided on a self-guided information sheet.

Cost: Free 

Bookings essential: Fact sheet provided on booking.