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Water Management - Stage 4

Students will explore how topography and landscape features affect how water travels at the Australian Botanic Garden and develop an understanding of sustainable water management. They will go on a walk and investigate how water flows from the Connection gardens to Lake Fitzpatrick and Lake Sedgwick. Students will identify human features and uses of water, undertake water quality tests to investigate how natural processes and human interference can alter water quality and participate in a role play debate to investigate sustainable water management.


Stage 4 Geography


Bowden Centre



2 hrs


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Excursion key themes:
  • Identify and map landscape features to develop an understanding of how water moves through the landscape.
  • Investigate water quality and water conservation measures to develop an understanding of sustainable management of water resources.
Students will:
  • Perform water quality testing to asses the health of a local body of water.
  • Use a topographic map to investigate water flow through the gardens.
  • Participate in a role play debate to understand the role of governments, individuals and communities in sustainable water management.
locates and describes the diverse features and characteristics of a range of places and environments

discusses management of places and environments for their sustainability

acquires and processes geographical information by selecting and using geographical tools for inquiry