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Discovering Dharawal - Stage 4

Discover the plants and seasons of the local Aboriginal people of the area, the Dharawal. Join our Aboriginal Educators for a hands-on learning experience as students explore the native plants of the area; their traditional uses and life cycles in relation to the seasonal calendar of the Dharawal. Learn about how Aboriginal people use various natural materials for weapons, tools, creating song and dance, with students attempting to create their very own traditional Aboriginal shelter.


Stage 4 Science




2 hours


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Excursion key themes:

  • Learn about Dharawal country – seasons, plants, artefacts, food sources & dance
  • How natural resources are used for tools, weapons, shelters and for creating song/dance by Aboriginal people
  • Dharawal plant identification orienteering and traditional shelter building activities. 


SC4-14LW - relates the structure and function of living things to their classification, survival and reproduction.

SC4-17CW - explains how scientific understanding of, and discoveries about, the properties of elements, compounds and mixtures relate to their uses in everyday life.