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Acacia chinchillensis

The bright yellow flowers contrast beautifully with the delicate silvery blue-grey foliage and add a sunny winter highlight to any garden.

It requires well-drained soil in a full sun or partly shaded position. If you have clay soil, plant it in a raised bed or mound the soil to improve the drainage.

Common nameChinchilla wattle
Scientific nameAcacia chinchillensis
FamilyFabaceae - Mimosoideae

Genus: From the Greek akakia, the name of Acacia arabica, of  tropical Africa and Western Asia (from akis, a sharp point, as this is a spiny species).

Species: From the area of Chinchilla, Queensland.

DistributionIn the wild it is restricted to the Darling Downs district in Queensland.
Native habitatCommon in sandy soils around Chinchilla.
DescriptionA stunning dwarf to medium spreading shrub with bright yellow flowers.
Flowering/fruitingFlowers in winter.
Location in gardenIn many beds in the Wattle Garden.
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