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Alloxylon pinnatum

It can be a little difficult to establish in the garden as it needs shelter when young and prefers a well-drained, loamy soil and a humid climate. 

Common nameDorrigo waratah, waratah oak
Scientific nameAlloxylon pinnatum (Maiden & Betche) P.H. Weston & Crisp

Genus: Greek allos, another or foreign; xylon, meaning wood or tree.

Species: Latin pinnate, referring to the pinnate leaves.

DistributionOccurs from the McPherson Ranges of south-eastern Queensland to Dorrigo in north-eastern New South Wales.
Native habitatRainforest at moderate to high altitudes.
DescriptionThis is a highly ornamental medium tree with a bushy habit, attractive foliage and spectacular reddish-pink flowers which attract nectar-feeding birds.
Flowering/fruitingOnce established it has a long flowering period sometimes stretching from spring to early autumn under favourable conditions.
Location in gardenYou can see this beautiful plant in the Fruit Loop.
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