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Alyogyne 'West Coast Gem'

Individual flowers each last 1-2 days providing a constant array of new blooms over the flowering period.

This selection produces spectacular deep purple, silken-petalled flowers. Prefers a protected full sun position and well-drained soils, is drought hardy and can tolerate light frosts. Tip prune from a young age to promote a dense habit and a strong root system. If you don’t have these garden conditions, then it also performs well in a pot on a patio.

Scientific nameAlyogyne huegellii 'West Coast Gem' (Endl.) Fryxell

Genus: Greek, alytos, united; gyne, female, female part of flower; in reference to the undivided style.

Species: Named after Karl von Hugel, a 19th century Austrian botanist.

DistributionWidespread from the Lofty Range in South Australia, to south-western Western Australia.
Native habitatArid to semi-arid regions.
DescriptionA medium sized, spreading shrub, the flowers can be yellow, white, lilac, pink, mauve or deep purple.
Flowering/fruitingFlowers in early spring to late autumn, but can also spot flower in winter.
Location in gardenPlants are located in the Big Idea Garden, in Bed 16 on the Connections Garden and in the Visitor Centre Carpark.
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