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Araucaria bidwillii

Historically this ornamental conifer, along with the closely related hoop pine, was commonly planted around homesteads in the Macarthur area. Over the years gardens have become smaller in size and it is no longer possible for most people to grow their own tree. Our plantings at Mount Annan will ensure that it continues to be a signature planting for the area.

Mature trees produce cones weighing up to 5 kg and about the size of a football which can be quite a health hazard as they tumble from the sky. At Mount Annan you can look at these magnificent trees from a safe distance.

Common nameBunya pine
Scientific nameAraucaria bidwillii Hook.

Genus: From the Araucani Indians of central Chile. Their tribal name comes from the district of Arauco, in the northernmost part of southern Chile.

Species: Named after John Carne Bidwill, a Queensland collector.

DistributionOccurs in coastal ranges in two widely separated locations near Gympie in south-eastern Queensland, and near Mount Molloy north of Cairns. It is rare in the north but common in the Bunya Mountains and nearby areas in the south.
Native habitatGrows as individuals scattered through rainforest.
DescriptionA large, erect conifer, 30-50 m high x 10-20 m wide.
Flowering/fruitingFruits generally reach maturity in summer.
Location in gardenAt Mount Annan we have planted many of these trees and in the years to come you’ll be able to see them marching along the ridge as you drive down the motorway.
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