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Banksia blechnifolia

This species is one of the hardiest of all western banksias in east coast conditions.

It prefers a full sun or dappled shade position in well-drained soil and tolerates drought and frost once established. A great choice for coastal and embankment plantings.

The seeds are enclosed in large follicles attached to a woody cone and are generally retained within the cone until burnt. 

Common nameSouthern blechnum banksia, groundcover banksia
Scientific nameBanksia blechnifolia F.Muell.

Genus: After Sir Joseph Banks, 1743-1820

Species:  Referrering to the similarity of the foliage to the fern genus Blechnum

DistributionFound between Jerramungup and Gibson, southern Western Australia.
Native habitatFound in sandy soils in sand plain country in heath and sometimes associated with mallee.
DescriptionA nonlignotuberous prostrate plant with branchlets lying on the ground and erect leaves.
Flowering/fruitingFlowering is generally in spring but may also occur in late winter.
Location in gardenIn Bed 14a at the top of the Connections Garden.
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