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Banksia ericifolia white-flowered form

This form of Banksia ericifolia has unusual multiple flower spikes that mature into beautiful creamy white flowers with burgundy red styles. The flowers are prominently displayed above the green fine-leaved foliage.

The nectar rich flowers make it an excellent choice for attracting both insectivorous and honey-eating birds. It grows well in full sun with a free draining soil.

Common nameheath-leaved banksia
Scientific nameBanksia ericifolia subsp. macrantha (A.S.George) A.S.George

Genus: After Sir Joseph Banks, 1743-1820, botanist who travelled with Captain Cook.

Species: Having leaves similar to the genus Erica; from Greek, macro, large and anthos, flowered. Referring to the larger inflorescences of this subspecies.

DistributionThis subspecies is from the north and mid-north coast of New South Wales.
Native habitatOccurs in coastal heaths and swampy sites where the water table is seasonally high.
DescriptionThis shrub grows up to 5 m high with an open habit.
Flowering/fruitingFlowers in autumn and winter
Location in gardenBeds 161 and 167 in the Banksia Garden and in the Visitor Centre Carpark.