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Brachychiton 'Clarabelle'

Brachychiton x vinicolor is a natural hybrid between B. acerifolius and  B. discolor. It is an attractive tree with large reddish-pink bells which have a wine-coloured throat, displayed on predominantly bare branches. It can make a striking statement in your garden where you should plant it in a full-sun position with well-drained soils.

Our plants have been grafted onto Brachychiton acerifolius rootstocks which allow this plant to cope better with our clay soils. Grafting also encourages early flowering. 

Scientific nameBrachychiton x vinicolor 'Clarabelle'
EtymologyGenus: From Greek, brachys, short; and chiton, a tunic. In reference to the seed coat.
DistributionOccurs in the border ranges area of Queensland and New South Wales.
Native habitatn/a
DescriptionA small to medium tree.
Flowering/fruitingIt flowers in late spring and early summer.
Location in gardenThe Kurrajong Arboretum on Caley Drive
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