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Buckinghamia celsissima

It is very popular in cultivation and with its glossy dark green leaves, bronze new growth and spectacular cream flowers it makes a beautiful addition to your garden. The species is cultivated in both tropical and temperate areas and is hardy as far south as Melbourne. It is frost tender when young, but damaged growth is quickly replaced in the spring. It likes water during dry periods and regular fertilising, prefers a sunny position and well-drained soil.

The flowers are a magnet for insects which will, in turn, attract insectivorous birds to your garden. If you throw in a birdbath you'll create a summer paradise for your local birds.

Common nameIvory curl flower
Scientific nameBuckinghamia celsissima F.Muell.

Genus: Named after Richard Grenville, 3rd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, 1823-1889.

Species: Latin, celcus, high, lofty.

DistributionNorth-eastern Queensland.
Native habitatRainforest
DescriptionIn the wild, it is a tall slender tree but when grown in an open position it remains bushy to ground level and rarely reaches 10 m tall.
Flowering/fruitingFlowering is profuse in February-March.
Location in gardenThis species can be seen in the Connections Garden in Beds 3, 14b, 16 and 27, and also in the Banksia Garden.
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