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Callistemon flavovirens

In your garden it will tolerate both dry and wet situations, is reasonably drought resistant and frost tolerant, and will attract honey-eating birds.

Common namegreen bottlebrush
Scientific nameCallistemon flavovirens

Genus: From Greek, callos, beauty; and stemon, a stamen.

Species: From Latin, flavus, yellow; and virens, green. Referring to the yellow-green flowers.

DistributionA rare species, restricted to the granite belt of the Darling Downs area of Queensland and Northern Tablelands of New South Wales.
Native habitatUsually in rocky situations along creek banks or in crevices.
DescriptionIt develops into a spreading shrub with silvery new foliage and unusual yellow-green flowers.
Flowering/fruitingFlowers in late spring and early summer. Flowers also appear sporadically throughout the year.
Location in gardenIn Bed 4a, the rare and threatened garden in the Connections Garden, and in Bed 108 in the Big Idea Garden.
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