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Callistemon sp. (Injune)

Callistemon sp. (Injune) is hardy in most soils and prefers full sun for good flowering. Although this species has a beautiful flower, it only flowers for a short period of time - perhaps 2-3 weeks a year.

Common nameInjune bottlebrush
Scientific nameCallistemon sp. (Injune)

Genus: Greek, kalos, beauty; stemon, stamen. Literally beautiful stamens.

Species: Found near Injune, Queensland

DistributionOccurring on the heavy black soils around Injune, in southern central Queensland.
Native habitatOccurs along watercourses or on seasonally inundated low-lying floodplains.
DescriptionSmall, very pretty and abundantly flowering bottlebrush with flowers which age from deep pink to almost white.
Flowering/fruitingFlowers in late spring with an occasional autumn flush.
Location in gardenGrowing en masse in Bed 103 in the Big Idea Garden.
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