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Casuarina glauca 'Kattang Karpet'

Summer can be a quiet time in the garden as far as native flowers are concerned. This makes it a very good time to look at your garden with clear eyes and see where a couple of structural plants might add interest all year round.

Discovered at Kattang Nature Reserve by one of our horticulturists, the horticultural potential of its prostrate habit was recognised. Material was collected and after propagation and bedding trials it was considered suitable for release to the public.

The prostrate habit of this form cascading over the retaining wall, creates a feature as well as disguising the less than attractive concrete. It would be an ideal choice if you have a moist sloping site in your garden, especially if you live near the coast.

Plants are now available for sale from our Growing Friends and at good retail nurseries.

Common nameSwamp oak
Scientific nameCasuarina glauca Sieber ex Sprengel

Genus: Derived from the Malay 'Kasuari' or 'Cassowary' which refers to the likeness of the plant's thin drooping stems and leaves to the feathers of this bird.

Species: Greek, glaukos, describes the blue-green colour of its foliage.

DistributionIn the wild this species occurs in Queensland and New South Wales
Native habitatSwampy areas or near salt water estuaries or backwaters.
DescriptionThis prostrate form creates a dense mound.
Flowering/fruitingIs sterile.
Location in gardenYou can see a beautiful example of this prostrate form in Bed 4b in the Connections Garden.
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