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Commersonia bartramia

Suitable for a large garden, it has a pyramidal shape with horizontal layered branches and is very ornamental when in flower and fruit. It is sometimes called scrub Christmas tree due to the masses of white flowers which make the plant look like it has snow covered branches.

Aboriginal people made a fibre from the bark of this plant for use in fish and kangaroo netting.

Common nameBrown kurrajong
Scientific nameCommersonia bartramia (L.) Merr.

Genus: Named after French naturalist Philibert Commerson, 1728-1773, who was a member of the Bougainville expedition.

Species: Named after J. & W. Bartram.

DistributionOccurring in Malaysia, and from Cape York in Queensland south to the Bellinger River, New South Wales.
Native habitatSubtropical, dry and riverine rainforest.
DescriptionA medium tree to 20 m with small, white flowers in dense clusters. It forms attractive lime green bristly fruit.
Flowering/fruitingFlowers from December to February.
Location in gardenMature trees can be seen in Bed 9 in the Connections Garden.
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