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Cycads are a group of very primitive plants which shared the earth with the dinosaurs and are among the most ancient of all plants surviving today. They are well represented in the fossil record which shows that cycads were more varied and profuse in earlier times and more widely distributed.

Many cycads are rare or threatened, so if you’re buying one for your garden, make sure that it hasn’t been taken from the wild.

Common namecycads
DistributionThe modern cycads consist of small populations scattered around the tropical, sub-tropical and warm temperate regions of many continents.
DescriptionCycads are very structural plants which makes them popular in the horticultural industry. They can have ornamental leaves and cones, and their seeds are often brightly coloured and may be produced in abundance. To produce seed in a garden you must have both a male and a female plant.
Location in gardenIf you’d like to see some uncommon species, why not visit Bed 1 on the Connections Garden at the Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan?