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Epacris reclinata

We often think of heathlands as typical of the cold countries of Britain or Europe. But Australia boasts many beautiful and colourful heaths, which grow from the windy coastal headlands to swampy mountainous country. The most commonly recognised Australian heath plants are of the genus Epacris.

It provides a range of coloured flowering forms, one of which, with reddish pink flowers, shown here, is the most popular in cultivation.

Tip pruning the plant while it is young helps in producing bushy growth. The plant also responds well to hard pruning after flowering.

Given the right soil mix and good drainage, native heaths also make attractive pot plants.

Common nameFuchsia Heath
Scientific nameEpacris reclinata A. Cunn. ex Benth.
FamilyEricaceae - Styphelioideae

Genus: From Greek, epi, upon and acris, a summit, referring to the altitude where some species occur.

Species: From Latin, reclinatus, bent downwards, referring to the leaves.

DistributionOccurs from the Blue Mountains to the Goulburn River in New South Wales.
Native habitatIt grows in woodland and heathland in skeletal sandy soils on damp sandstone cliff faces and rock ledges.
DescriptionUsually a small shrub of less than a metre in height with an open, straggling habit of growth.
Flowering/fruitingFlowering occurs from autumn through to spring.
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