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Erythrina numerosa

A decorative tree with pale orange flowers which form after the tree has dropped its leaves making them stand out against the summer sky. They are extremely attractive to birds and our tree is being visited by Rainbow Lorikeets, Little Wattlebirds and other honeyeaters .

Although not common in horticulture, this species is well worth tracking down if you have a large, sunny garden with well-drained soils.

Common namePine Mountain coral tree
Scientific nameErythrina numerosa A.R.Bean
FamilyFabaceae - Faboideae

Genus: From Greek, erythros, red, referring to the red colour of some species' flowers.

Species: From Latin, numerosus, numerous, referring to the numerous seeds in the pod compared with Erythrina vespertilio.

DistributionOccurs in south-east Queensland and north-east New South Wales.
Native habitatOn margins of dry rainforest.
DescriptionTree to 20 m high.
Flowering/fruitingFlowers in summer.
Location in gardenBed 13 at the top of the Connections Garden.
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