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Eucalyptus erythrocorys

The contrasting bright yellow flowers and red bud cap, along with its small size, make this tree an outstanding specimen for the garden or a large container. It needs an alkaline soil, plenty of sunshine and good drainage.

Common namered-cap gum, illyarie
Scientific nameEucalyptus erythrocorys F. Muell.

Genus: From the Greek eu, well; calyptos, covered; in reference to the flower bud which has an operculum or cap.

Species: From the Greek erythro, red

DistributionOccurs in a very restricted area of south-western Western Australia on the coastal strip north of Perth from Geraldton to Shark Bay, however it is quite common within this range.
Native habitatScrubby bushland on undulating sites, in shallow calcareous sand over coastal limestone.
DescriptionA small tree or stout mallee.
Flowering/fruitingSummer to autumn, but also sporadically throughout the year.
Location in gardenTo see this species at Mount Annan, just follow Cunningham Drive to the Eudesmia Arboretum on your right.
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