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Ficus superba var. henneana

A decorative tree with a short deciduous period,  it is suitable for parks and large gardens where the generous fruiting attracts birds. The fruit is edible and turns purple when ripe.

Common namedeciduous fig, cedar fig
Scientific nameFicus superba var. henneana (Miq.) Corner

Genus: From the Latin name for Ficus carica, the edible fig.

Species: superb; outstanding. Subspecies named after M. Henne, the original collector.

DistributionFrom north-eastern Queensland to southern New South Wales, and in the north of the Northern Territory.
Native habitatIt grows in monsoon forests and dry rainforests and is often prominent in coastal districts.
DescriptionA small to medium tree with long, slender spreading or weeping branches.
Flowering/fruitingFruits in autumn.
Location in gardenYou can see it and many other native figs in our Fig Arboretum.