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Gomphrena canescens

The flowers vary from white to pink to mauve, with an unusual dark red subspecies in the Northern Territory. The intense pink of our selection makes them a low focus in this cottage garden setting. They are a good choice to achieve this effect in tropical gardens. They require an open sunny position and plenty of water when in active growth.

Scientific nameGomphrena canescens R.Br.

Genus: From the Greek, gromphaena, a name apparently used for Amaranthus tricolor.

Species: Latin, becoming white or hoary.

DistributionWidely distributed across tropical Australia.
Native habitatUsually growing in moist depressions in woodlands and grassland.
DescriptionA small annual.
Flowering/fruitingFlowering in summer to autumn.
Location in gardenThere are plants in the annual beds at the base of the Connections Garden.