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Grevillea species

Grevilleas are among the most popular plants for cultivation within Australia and this is because they can provide spectacular floral displays, they attract birds and insects to the garden and have an immense variation in form, foliage and flower.

There is a grevillea which will suit any particular niche you have in your garden be it a need for a ground cover or tree. Lately many species are being grafted onto robust rootstocks which means that temperate and arid species can now survive in wetter climates.

Common namegrevillea species
Scientific nameGrevillea species
EtymologyGenus: After Charles Francis Greville, 1749-1809, co-founder of the Horticultural Society, London, later the Royal Horticultural Society.
Location in gardenIn Bed 14c on the Connections Garden and in the Banksia Garden, we have a wide selection of beautiful and unusual grevilleas many of which have been grafted.