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Hernandia bivalvis

The spectacular and unusual fruit - lime fleshy, overlapping bracts which age to orange or red, make this an outstanding small tree for gardens especially in subtropical and temperate regions.

The common name refers to the edible seed which contains up to 65% oil - these were roasted and eaten by Aborigines.

Common nameGrease nut, cudgerie
Scientific nameHernandia bivalvis Benth.

Genus: After Fransisco Hernandez, 16th century Spanish physician and naturalist.

Species: Refers to the two overlapping bracts which surround the seed.

DistributionRestricted to around Brisbane and near Biggenden in Queensland.
Native habitatA few remnant patches of dry rainforest and vine scrub.
DescriptionTall shrub to small tree with a compact crown.
Flowering/fruitingFlowers in spring, fruits in late summer to early autumn.
Location in gardenAlong the path from the Bowden Centre to the Garden Shop.
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