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Leucophyta brownii

It is adapted to a wide variety of well-drained soil types and has the ability to withstand the full onslaught of wind and salt spray making it a very useful plant for coastal areas. It needs plenty of sunshine and can tolerate frost and drought but dislikes warm-to-hot humid conditions.

The silver foliage reflects light at night and is excellent for defining path edges; it also provides a contrast to other plants in your garden.

Common nameCushion bush
Scientific nameBanksia serrata L.f.

Genus: Greek, leucos, white, grey; phyto, plant.

Species: After Robert Brown, 18-19th century British botanist.

DistributionOccurring in exposed coastal regions of Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.
Native habitatOccurs on rocky cliffs and sand dunes.
DescriptionA dwarf shrub to 1 m with a compact growth habit.
Flowering/fruitingFlowers in summer.
Location in gardenIt is looking beautiful in the Annual Beds in front of the Connections Garden.
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