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Melaleuca lateritia

Popular in cultivation because of its brilliant flowers and its adaptability in semi-arid, temperate and sub-tropical regions. It prefers a sunny site but will tolerate some shade, can withstand extended dry periods but can be damaged by heavy frosts. Plants respond well to pruning and old plants can be rejuvenated by very hard pruning.

Common namerobin redbreast bush
Scientific nameMelaleuca lateritia A.Dietr

Genus: From two Greek words, melas, black, and leukos, white, because the first Melaleuca described had white branches against a black trunk, possibly blackened by fire.

Species: From Latin, lateritius, dark brick red, referring to the colour of the flowers.

DistributionOccurs in southwestern Western Australia where it is common on the coastal plain and in the Darling Range.
Native habitatIt grows in low-lying areas of sandy clay which is subject to waterlogging in winter.
DescriptionA small to medium shrub.
Flowering/fruitingFlowers can occur from spring to autumn.
Location in gardenYou can see these striking flowers in the Melaleuca bed between Lakes Sedgwick and Fitzpatrick.
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