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Perennial Beds

Our beautiful perennial garden beds have burst into flower! Featuring the vibrant purple of Scaevola ‘Purple Fan Fare’, golden yellows from Chrysocephalum apiculatum (yellow buttons) and the unusual globe shaped flower of Pycnosorus globosus (drumsticks). The stunning red and orange flowers of the Anigozanthos (kangaroo paw) cultivars contrast beautifully against the silver foliage of Leucophyta brownii (cushion bush).

Then there’s the dainty, daisy flowers of the Brachyscome cultivars showing off in colours of candy pinks, marmalade yellows, pale mauves and striking purples. These are complemented by the delicate white paper daisies of Rhodanthe anthemoides ‘Annan Star’. All these plants grow in full sun and require a free draining soil with regular light watering. You’ll find many other pretty flowers in these beds why not use them to inspire your own glorious feature bed next spring?

Location in gardenLocated at the bottom of the Connections Garden opposite the Visitor Centre.