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Persoonia pinifolia

Persoonias (geebungs or snotty gobbles) comprise about a tenth of the large Proteaceae family. They are only found in Australia.

The pine-leaved geebung is one of the best geebungs for cultivation, it is a good hedge or screen plant, responding well to clipping, and is suitable for temperate and subtropical areas, being able to withstand quite heavy frosts. It will adapt to a range of sandy or clay soils, as long as there is good drainage. 

Common namePine-leaved geebung
Scientific namePersoonia pinifolia R.Br.

Genus: After Christiaan Hendrik Persoon, 1755-1837, a famous mycologist.

Species: From the name of the genus Pinus and folius (Latin) meaning leaf, referring to the pine-needle like leaves.

DistributionOccurs around the Sydney region of New South Wales, from Broken Bay to Royal National Park and the lower Blue Mountains.
Native habitatIn the wild it grows on sandstone in dry eucalypt forest and heath.
DescriptionAn attractive large shrub growing to approximately 2-4 metres in height with yellow flowers.
Flowering/fruitingFlowering from the New Year through to August and followed by interesting purplish olive-like fruit.
Location in gardenPlanted near the Education Centre and in Beds 157 and 158 at the Banksia Garden.
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