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Prostanthera rotundifolia

It needs moderately well-drained soils in a semi-shaded to full sun position. Plants are frost hardy and respond well to pruning or clipping, they can be used as a low hedge. The highly aromatic foliage and pretty mauve flowers makes it a very decorative garden plant.

Common nameround-leaved mintbush
Scientific nameProstanthera rotundifolia R.Br.

Genus: From Greek prostheke; an appendix and anthera; an anther, referring to the appendage on the stamens.

Species: Referring to the round shape of the leaves.

DistributionOccurring from south-eastern Queensland along the Great Dividing Range to the Grampians in western Victoria, and into Tasmania.
Native habitatGrows in sheltered sites in sclerophyll forest, on margins of rainforest, in woodland, often in rocky areas, in sandy to sandy-loam soils
DescriptionA dwarf to medium shrub, with purple flowers.
Flowering/fruitingFlowers in spring.
Location in gardenYou can see this species scattered throughout our Fruit Loop, near Melaleuca House Cafe.
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