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Ptilotus exaltatus

In cultivation it prefers well-drained acidic soils and a full sun position. It can also tolerate moderate to fairly heavy frosts.

At Mount Annan we treat it as an annual with the pink feathery flowers and lime green foliage adding colour and texture to our ornamental plantings.

Currently there is considerable research being undertaken into the cultivation requirements of the entire genus of Ptilotus because of their potential as cut flowers.

Common namePink mulla mulla
Scientific namePtilotus exaltatus Nees

Genus: From the Greek, ptilotos, feathery. Referring to the texture of the flowers and flowerhead.

Species: Latin, exaltatus, raised high, lofty.

DistributionOccurs in semi-arid and arid regions of mainland Australia.
Native habitatIt grows in mulga woodland and is often found on sand ridges, lateritic plains and rocky outcrops.
DescriptionA dwarf to small annual or perennial plant.
Flowering/fruitingFlowers in spring through to summer.
Location in gardenAt Mount Annan, you can see it in the Connections Garden.
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