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Pycnosorus globosus

This is a highly ornamental species which deserves to be more widely cultivated. It has striking silver grey foliage which looks good all year around and glorious bright yellow globular flowerheads.You can see why the common name is ‘drumsticks’. These make excellent, long-lasting cut flowers and also dry well for use in dried flower arrangements. In your garden, they will grow on most soils with partial or full sun.

Common namedrumsticks
Scientific namePycnosorus globosus Benth.

Genus: From Greek, pycne, thick, dense; and sorus, heap. Referring to the dense flowerheads.

Species: Referring to the round flowerheads.

DistributionInland regions of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.
Native habitatHeavy soils in open sites which are usually inundated during winter.
DescriptionDwarf to small semi-woody perennial.
Flowering/fruitingFlowers in spring and summer.
Location in gardenIn the annual beds at the base of the Connections Garden.
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