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Syzygium pseudofastigiatum

This species is available from specialist native nurseries, it is frost tender and will need a warm position in your garden.

Common nameClaudie satinash
Scientific nameSyzygium pseudofastigiatum B.Hyland

Genus: From the Greek, syzygos, jointed; refers to the paired leaves and branchlets of a Jamaican species (Calyptranthes zuzygium) for which the name was originally used.

Species:  Referring to a superficial similarity to the Malesian species Syzygium fastigiatum.

DistributionConfined to the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland, south to Massey Creek.
Native habitatOccurs in rainforest and particularly in gallery forest at altitudes below 450 m.
DescriptionA rare tree to 35 m high, with clusters of edible white berries.
Flowering/fruitingFruits in late summer to autumn.
Location in gardenPlanted between the Visitor Centre and Melaleuca House Cafe in Bed 255.
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