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Turf Areas

The Australian Botanic Garden displays some of the finest turf you will find in the Macarthur Region. The lawns are carefully curated by our greenkeepers for all of our visitors to enjoy.

A number of different turfs can be found around the garden, including:

Legend Couch - This is a common cough with a fine leaf texture and is drought tolerant. It provides good colour through winter, a low thatch accumulation and is good for striping. You can find this turf around the Visitor Centre in the middle of the Garden.

Santa Ana Couch - This is a hybrid couch with very fine leaf texture and good tolerance to drought conditions. Santa Ana Couch gives off good winter colour and very vigorous with high thatch accumulation. The Garden is moving toward this turf from the Legend Couch due to contamination issues. This turf is found around the Fig Lawn, which is between the Connections Garden and Lakeside Lawn.

AgriDark Couch - A newer variety of hybrid couch turf. Like the Santa Ana Couch, it has a very fine leaf texture. It provides better shade tolerance than some other couch turfs. This turf is currently located at the knoll at the top of the Connections Garden.

Sports Couch - This turf is comprised of Legend Couch that has been contaminated with Santa Ana Couch. Sports Couch can be found near Connections Garden.

Winter Green/Windsor Green Couch - A common couch that is slower growing than other varieties. It has good colouring in winter and a low thatch accumulation. You can find Winter Green/Windsor Green Couch on Sundial Hill, the Children's Playground, Big Idea Garden picnic shelters and Banksia Picnic Shelter 2.

Shademaster Buffalo - Shademaster is an old variety of buffalo turf. It is only maintained in the Garden due to it being grown on-site earlier in its history. This turf is found on the Buffalo Lawn in the Banksia Garden, the Fruit Loop garden and around the Bowden Centre.

King's Pride Buffalo - The variety of buffalo turf has excellent shade tolerance. As it is slower-growing than some other buffalo turfs, it requires less-frequent mowing to be maintained. King's Pride is also pest resistant and does not need as much fertilising as some other turfs. Wattle Island in the Wattle Garden is the only location you can find this turf in the Australian Botanic Garden.

Kikuyu - Being a fast-growing turf that recovers well from wear and tear, Kikuyu is turf that is used in pastures. It is also cheap to seed and has a high thatch accumulation. We use Kikuyu on the Lakeside Lawn, Marquee Lawn, at the Woodland Picnic Area, around the Wedding Knot and the picnic shelter in the Wattle Garden.