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Restoration of threatened species

Restoration of threatened Australian plant species is one of the important outcomes of the Australian PlantBank.

Our collections, data and experienced staff contribute to the ecological restoration of threatened species, mostly recently in partnership with the Saving our Species program of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. 

Bankstown Hibbertia

The critically endangered Bankstown Hibbertia (Hibbertia puberula subsp. glabrescens) is only known from a small population of <100 plants near the Bankstown Airport runway. Even though the site is secure and sympathetically managed, the population is still at risk of extinction, due to threats such as disease, extreme weather events and invasive weeds. For these reasons, the Bankstown Hibbertia has been identified by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) as a priority for translocation and establishment of additional self-sustaining populations at selected recipient sites to increase its distribution, under the ‘Saving our Species’ program.
Extensive investigative work including preliminary ecological and genetic studies have been completed by the recovery team, including staff at the Australian PlantBank, to produce a ‘best practice’ translocation plan, consistent with the ANPC Translocation Guidelines (Vallee et al. 2004).
A report to be published in the journal Australasian Plant Conservation details the ecological studies, seed and cutting propagation program and selection of suitable sites for establishment of translocated populations. This study emphasises the importance of pre-translocation planting, consistent with the aim of OEH’s ‘Saving our Species’ program, to ensure the species persists in the wild for the next 100 years.

Bankstown Hibbertia, Hibbertia puberula ssp. glabrescens, is critically endangered, with less than 100 individuals remaining in a single population.

Small seeds of the Bankstown Hibbertia, Hibbertia puberula ssp. glabrescens.

Field work to collect the small seeds of the critically endangered Bankstown Hibbertia, Hibbertia puberula ssp. glabrescens.

Genetic sampling of Bankstown Hibbertia, Hibbertia puberula ssp. glabrescens, by the Trust's Evolutionary Ecology team.