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Greg Bourke

Curator Manager at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden


Greg Bourke developed an early fascination with the Australian outdoors. Greg was an avid camper as a young boy and developed a keen passion for scuba diving and surfing as a teenager. While his fascination with the bush was always there, Greg didn’t pursue his interest initially, training in electrical and telecommunications instead.
It wasn’t until a transformative trip to Borneo in 2001, where Greg realised his true calling. Conservation and exploration of plants, in particular carnivorous plants became a keen interest of his. Greg began working in the field and had the thrill of discovering several new species in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Australia.
Greg joined the team at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden in 2011 and has been the Curator Manager since 2013. In this role, he is responsible for our team of horticulturalists, front line staff, casuals and volunteers and oversees 252 hectares of exquisite garden. The garden is home to exotic and native plants alike including several endangered ecological communities such as the first translocation site for Australia’s own ‘dinosaur tree’, the Wollemi Pine.
Greg is an established expert in carnivorous plants, holding senior positions with various groups including his current role as Vice President for BGANZ (Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand). Greg is passionate about conservation, plant breeding and continues to study carnivorous plants and has a special interest in the plant families Goodeniaceae and Stylidiaceae.