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Become a Corporate Partner

The breadth of what we deliver is extraordinary. Through our conservation research, living, preserved and digital collections, events, venues, education and community programs, we offer partners vast opportunities to create meaningful impact. No two partnerships are the same. Speak with us about what your organisation really cares about and how we can help you get there.

Each year we:

  • Attract 6.5 million visitors to our three Botanic Gardens
  • Receive over 1.5 million visitors to our websites
  • Reach 180,000 followers on our social media platforms
  • Host over 900,000 participants at various business and cultural events
  • Deliver award-winning plant science and conservation initiatives and programs
  • Deliver a social contribution to the State of NSW of $186m per year​

Contact our team to explore how alignment with the Botanic Gardens can benefit your brand and relationships.
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