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Botanic Gardens Open Day Stallholder Form

The Botanic Gardens Open Day will take place on Saturday 28 May 2022. Please complete the details below and provide required docmentation. You will receive confirmation once your application has been accepted. Please do not send this link to anyone else. Stallholders are invited by the organiser to this event.
How long does it take for you to bump in and out of an event?
How many metres do you require from one end to the other of your stall? Pls provide width, length and height. Please note all of the equipment for your stall must fit within the area you request and that which is confirmed in the confirmation email.
Stall set up:

Please select the option that best describes your set up. Please note you must bring all of your own equipment, only power will be supplied.
If operating from a van/truck/trailer, please indicate which side:

We will supply power on the day and prefer that no generators are used
Please select what you will bring with you:

Power will be provided at this event and only to those who book it on this form. Water must be provided by the stallholder. All electrical equipment must be tagged and tested as required by SafeWorkNSW Code of Practice. The area you have requested must be able to fit all of your equipment.
Please list anything that is not included above and requires power to be run
Please provide details where potentially hazardous food is prepared off site and how it will be transported to the stall location
Please provide details of measures to keep potentially hazardous food at correct holding temperatures and free from contamination and how temperatures will be measured
Please provide details of equipment, utensils and appliances utilised to ensure hygienic food handling and preparation
Please provide details on hand washing, utensil cleaning and sanitising facilities to be provided, how hot and cold water will be provided, how food handling utensils will be washed and sanitised
Please provide a list of what you will be selling at the event. This will help the event organiser to determine if your stall is suitable for the event. It will also help the organiser to ensure there are no double ups on what is offered.
This must be to a minimum value of $10 million
Please provide a photo of your stall set up
Please type yes in the text box above to confirm you have read and agree to the terms and conditions.