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Commercial Supplier Permit

With over 400 hectares of gorgeous landscapes and back drops, there's plenty to love at the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan!

The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan, is situated in the heart of south-west Sydney, with over 600,000 visitors coming through our gate to walk, talk, celebrate, explore and relax each year.

The Garden is extremely popular with our local residents and a popular place to celebrate their birthdays, weddings, engagements, anniversaries or family get togethers and there is an abundance of fabulous open-air bookable venues. Event planners, caterers, stylists and  other commercial businesses use our outdoor venues to create memorable experiences for their clients.

Are you hiring a venue?

If you are organising an event and have hired a space, you need to complete one form for each of your suppliers. For wedding ceremonies, the cost of the supplier permit is included in your venue hire. For other types of events including wedding receptions, picnics, functions etc; you will need to pay a one off fee in addition to your venue hire fee to have suppliers at your event.

Why hire a space?

When you hire a space you are guaranteed that the spot you want is yours no matter what time of day you arrive. You are also guaranteed that you will be allowed to have your event there.

Are you a business supplying to someone without a booked venue?

If you are a commercial supplier providing goods or services to someone who has not hired a venue, you require a permit to operate within the Garden and need to complete this form.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please email

By completing this form, I acknowledge that these permits allow me to:

  • Use one of the non-bookable venues at the Australian Botanic on a non-exclusive.
  • Bring up to maximum 2 tables and 10 chairs per picnic.
  • Use the space for my clients non-exclusively for a maximum duration of 5 hours including set up and pack down.
  • I understand that I need to complete this form at least 72 hours prior to picnic booking taking place.

I acknowledge also that:

  • my presence on the site holds me liable for any damages to persons or property which may occur as a result of my activities.
  • I will supply the Garden with a copy of my public liability insurance with this application.
  • the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust (the Trust) does not provide exclusive use of the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan. As the licensee, I am aware that other non-related activities may be occurring or in place during my period of use.

As the organiser/s (the Licensee) I agree to comply with all statutory requirements and the following standard conditions:

  1. Vehicles are not permitted to leave the public roadways of the Garden, nor are they allowed on any pathways or grassed area across the site.
  2. All regulations under the Royal Botanic Garden and Domain Trust Act 1980 governing the use of the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan must be observed. Please do not stand in garden beds or climb structures within the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan.
  3. The Trust does not provide exclusive use of the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan. As a site hirer, you should be aware that other non-related activities may be occurring in or around your booked area.
  4. Directions from Trust staff must be observed at all times. If you have any difficulties on site, please call the ranger on duty on mobile 0409 122 953.
  5. An application for the use of Trust Lands submitted at short notice may incur a late booking fee or be refused.
  6. Pegging or staking is not permitted.
  7. Bat and ball games are not permitted in the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan.
  8. Do not alter, add or affix any item, sign or poster within the Trust Lands. Items must not be attached to trees, buildings or other fixed structures.
  9. The Licensee is responsible for conducting a thorough check of the site prior to the commencement of any activity.
  10. Areas of use must not be damaged and should be left clean and tidy and with rubbish removed from site.
  11. Directions from the Trust and Rangers must be observed and adhered to.
  12. All incidents including injury, property damage or loss and near misses must be reported to the Ranger on Duty (0409 122 953). Any serious incidents must be reported verbally to the Trust immediately.
  13. The Trust reserves the right to carry out necessary urgent or emergency maintenance, restoration, upgrading or other work which we reasonably determine must be done.
  14. A copy of the company’s current Public Liability Insurance policy (to the value of at least A$10million) must be provided to the Trust prior to commencement of permit start date.
  15. At the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan, the Trust does not have an On-Premises License which means you must have your own liquor license to supply alcohol. Alternatively your guests can BYO.
  16. The parties acknowledge the uncertainty arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the measures taken by State and Commonwealth Governments in relation to the emergency, and the consequential effects on daily activities and events (COVID-19 Pandemic). The Trust and the Licensee must as soon as possible after they become aware that the COVID-19 Pandemic will affect their ability to carry out their obligations under this agreement, provide the other party with a written notice which sets out: a) the nature and extent of the obligations affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic; b) the ways in which the COVID-19 Pandemic will affect its ability to perform those obligations; and c) a proposal that the parties vary this agreement to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic (for example, to change time frames and/or the scope of the parties’ obligations) or terminate by agreement. When a party receives a notice under this clause, it must respond to the notice as soon as practicable, and the parties will attempt in good faith to reach an agreement promptly to vary or terminate this agreement. Despite any other provisions in this agreement, if the Trust considers, in its absolute discretion, that, as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic that this agreement is no longer viable, or there will be a significant delay before the parties can complete their obligations under this agreement, the Trust may terminate this agreement by notice, with effect on the date stated in that notice. The Trust will have no further liability and is released from any claims in respect of the termination of this agreement, if this agreement is terminated under this clause 7.
  17. You may bring up to 2 tables and 10 chairs (to avoid unnecessary damage to the turf please ensure chairs have wide feet). Please include time for set up and pack up within your 5-hour booking. Proposals for any other equipment you are requesting to bring onsite must be approved in writing by the Venue Management Office.
  18. You will be requested to remove any unauthorised equipment by Rangers. The Trust does not have equipment to provide for hire however we can provide you with a list of suppliers that use the Garden on a regular basis.
  19. All equipment must be carried or wheeled into the Garden unless a Ranger escort (vehicle access) has been pre-arranged. Please do not attach decorations to trees, buildings or other structures. No pegs or spikes are allowed in the lawns and all items must be weighted.
  20. Other items prohibited are marquees, balloons, party streamers, sparklers, fireworks (any form), fires (including kerosene lamps) and bamboo torches.
The Garden’s relies on funding such as venue hire, and commercial operation permits to fund it’s vital work in plant research and conservation and we thank you for supporting this work through your permit.
This should be the same as the one you used on your application form
This can be found on your confirmation email, if you don't have an event number just put 0
Please note, if you have not booked a venue, the area you wish to use will need to be approved before you can proceed. If you have a venue booked, just enter "see above"
Please include dimensions, how they are secured