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Wedding Supplier Form

Before you book any products/services for your celebration or if you are a supplier, before you supply to a client or event on Trust lands, you must have approval from the Garden.

This form is specifically for wedding ceremonies taking place at The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan at a wedding specific site.

The form must submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. Failure to submit in this time period means you will not receive a permit and you (or your supplier), will not be allowed to operate on site.

To avoid disappointment or loss of money, please do not book any products/services until you have approval via email from the Garden to have your chosen products/service on Garden land.

If you are an event organiser, please complete a form and be sure to list each product/service in the area provided below. If any products/services that have not been approved are found at your booked site on the day of your event, you will be asked to remove them.

This number will be on your confirmation
Please note, each item must be approved by the Garden
Please provide us with some approximate times for when each product/service will be delivered to your site and removed from your site