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Your Picnic Checklist

To ensure your experience at The Australian Botanic Garden is seamless, please use the following checklist while preparing for your event.

Once confirmation has been received:

Please ensure you have read all the terms and conditions listed on the website. This will ensure you have a good understanding of your time in the Garden.

If alcohol will be present at your event, complete the MyNight registration form and email the confirmation number to your coordinator.

If you have any commercial activities planned for your event, please ensure you have paid the appropriate fee.

Two weeks prior:

Email a copy of the completed commercial supplier form (including each supplier's name and contact number) to your coordinator.

On the day of your event:

Bring along equipment to clean the barbecues if you are using them.

Please ensure all rubbish is placed in the bins provided or taken with you, and that all decorations are taken down before you leave.